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Veterinary Compounding

High Standard Care For Animals: Choose A Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

You love your ‘fur-babies’ more than anything, which is why they deserve nothing but the best when it comes to their medications! 

At Creative Scripts Compounding Pharmacy, our Veterinary Certified compounding services can help all kinds of critters including dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even more ‘exotic’ animals such as those in zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.

Your pet isn’t just the family animal. They are a “furson” – a full member of the family in their own right! Our pets depend on us for love, care, and companionship, but in many ways, we depend on them for the same reasons. For that reason, they deserve top-of-the-line treatment that matches the quality of your own medical care.

Top Veterinary Medication

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Veterinarians: Enhance the care you offer.

Are you a veterinarian, looking to optimize your patients’ experiences with medications? We can create medications for animals that need specific forms, dosages, flavors, and other customizations that improve compliance.

What Are Compounded Medications for Animals?

Carefully prepared by expertly trained, veterinary certified compounding pharmacists and technicians, compounded medications provide fine-tuned dosages according to the prescription by your veterinarian. These kinds of medications are useful not only for people who cannot take commonly available FDA-approved substances or suffer from allergies to specific ingredients (plus a variety of other circumstances), but they also can be a fantastic solution for your fur, feathered, or scale- covered friends!

Why is Compounding the Solution?

This query can be met with another question: Have you tried getting your cat to swallow a pill? It’s virtually impossible. Cats are stealthy in all areas of life – taking medication is no exception. If you try to sneak it into their food bowl, you’ll likely feel discouraged when you come to find they’ve somehow eaten everything but the pill.

That’s where compounding becomes the solution. In some cases, we can transform an oral medication into a topical cream that you rub inside your cat’s ear!

Another challenge that compounding can handle with ease is dosage measurement. A 100-pound Rottweiler will obviously need much more medication than a Chihuahua that can fit in the palm of your hand, and we can formulate your pet’s medication to suit their exact weight.

Plus, pets are built differently than humans, typically relying on all fours to walk as well as having different body temperatures and digestive systems. With our team of Veterinary Certified compounding pharmacists at Creative Scripts, you can ensure your pets’ unique dosing and administration needs are met.

Patients & Practitioners Love Working with us.

Hear what Florida patients, doctors, and veterinarians have to say about the high quality care & service at our family-owned and operated compounding pharmacy.

Tom and Mary, Naples
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Our 16 year old cat Buster requires thyroid medication twice a day. It was always a struggle to get him to take his pills, and they frequently made him nauseous. Our vet suggested we contact Creative Scripts. Jerry mixed the medication into a cream we rub in the cat’s ears each day. It is easy to do, Buster enjoys the attention and he is no longer nauseous. His quality of life – and ours – has been improved because of Creative Scripts. Thanks, Jerry!
David J.
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"As a veterinarian and practice owner, I have utilized Creative Scripts' unique talents."

"Without them, many owners would be unable to treat their beloved pets, so their skills have not only made that possible, but have improved and saved lives. I cannot recommend anyone or any business more highly."

Kinds of Conditions Compounding Can Treat:

  • Arthritis/pain
  • Cancer
  • Infections
  • Skin issues
  • Hormone gland dysfunctions
  • Allergies
  • Heart & lung conditions
  • Incontinence
  • Behavioral challenges
  • Diabetes
  • And more!

You love your ‘fur-babies’ more than anything, which is why they deserve nothing but the best when it comes to their medications!


The Benefits of Veterinary Compounding

We’ll lay it out for you so you can really understand why using a compounding pharmacy is the best route for your pet’s health. Here’s how compounding can help:
  • Easy administration
  • Better access to ingredients
  • Fewer ‘medicine moments’

Easy Administration

If you’ve ever had to give medication to a four-legged friend, you know it’s no easy feat. The battle to administer medicine to your animal can be traumatic to both you and your pet and can cause fear, anxiety, and even aggression in cornered animals.

Fortunately, giving medicine to help your pet be as healthy as possible is much easier with compounded medication. A veterinary compounding pharmacist can mix medication ingredients with flavors such as salmon, beef, peanut butter, and fruit. They can also simply dilute the medicine, so it doesn’t taste so terrible.

Also, some injectable medicines can be converted into a flavored oral medication, which, as you can probably imagine, is much easier on your sweet critter than a shot. Your pet may even learn to love medicine time!

Better Ingredient Availability

In certain cases, especially if you are treating a more exotic animal such as a chameleon or a raccoon, your pet may need treatment that a standard vet pharmacy doesn’t have. In other situations, those medications may only be available in one dosage form or strength. With compounding it can be made in a flavor that is appropriate to that particular species.

As a compounding pharmacy, Creative Scripts has access to active ingredients that other pharmacies may not.

Make it Easy in One Go

Another helpful benefit of compounded veterinary medication is that multiple medications can sometimes be combined to reduce the number of ‘medicine moments’ you have with your pet.

Your Animal Deserve the Best

While all veterinarians and pharmacists work to give you and your pet the best outlook on your pet’s health as possible, many places don’t have access to the resources to provide the top-quality service that we provide at Creative Scripts Compounding Pharmacy.

Our veterinary team is built with expertly trained, Veterinary Certified pharmacists who can fit almost any need that you or your pet may have. We know each person and each animal is completely unique, and your medications should reflect that individuality.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a compounding pharmacy, contact our specialists at Creative Scripts Compounding Pharmacy or consult with your veterinarian. We hope to provide you and your animal with the best care you can get! Visit our Naples, FL pharmacy with your “furson” anytime.

Let our experts provide the most advanced medications for your animal friends.